Behind the scene’s at the EliteFTS S4 compound

So what really happens at the Compound?

This past weekend my powerlifting training partners and myself made a trip up to EliteFTS. The trip was predominantly for the team to see the company that NBS Fitness has teamed up with to aid in educating and providing best equipment possible for us to train on. Although EliteFTS does that for many, this trip was much more than that. Dave Tate, the owner and CEO of EliteFTS, was kind enough to stay and personally coach our whole team in the S4 Compound when no one else was around. All the guys were exposed to media coverage and will be in a pretty sweet movie ALONG with hands on coaching from one of the greats! This is something many do not get to experience and we were spoiled to have the opportunity. Shopping for EliteFTS stuff online is fun too, whats even better is shopping in their warehouse which the team was able to take part in.

This trip was a huge blessing for me as well, two staff members at EliteFTS wanted to update my profile as they are all of the athletes getting new content.  To my surprise I was interviewed and asked questions particularly to my career as a strength coach which will be captured in a video. This in and of its self is something I could never afford to pay for, will be seen by hundreds and captures me in a light that no one really sees of me outside of lifting as a coach. This company has given me a fantastic platform to reach nationally and internationally expanding my coaching abilities and the knowledge I love to learn and share.

I am overly humbled and blessed to be given the opportunity to represent EliteFTS and they keep going above and beyond for the people that represent them. I was given a sneak peak at just my updated profile picture, it now has me foaming at the mouth to see what is in store for the video they made of the NBS Fitness Powerlifting Team’s visit!



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