Over the last several months, Steve and I have been working hard to become debt free. In an effort to reduce our monthly expenses, in January, I sold my jeep and “bought” a less expensive car. After driving the car a couple of months, I decided I didn’t care about the car enough to warrant the debt we had in it, so I sold it. I drove a friends car for awhile while I saved up some money. I then just bought a car and paid cash for it. It’s 12 years old, but its paid for and that’s a pretty great feeling.

When we decided to take the proverbial bull by the horns, we started becoming very intentional with our money. I listen to the Dave Ramsey podcast every day and Steve and I now have “business” meetings weekly to discuss our finances and keep our plan on track and in check. Being intentional with our finances is really no different than being intentional with our nutrition. Too many calories = weight gain. Too much spending = debt gain. Work within a designed nutrition program and be intentional with what you eat, your body responds positively. Keep within a written budget and you don’t run out of money before the end of the month.

Working out should be no different. How many times do you KNOW how to perform a movement properly but then choose not to follow through with proper form or range of motion for the sake of the clock or points? You spend a lot of time learning proper technique and your coaches spend a lot of time teaching proper technique, but due to lack of intention, you waste it and bull shit your way through the workout. 

Becoming more intentional in all areas of our life can make us more effective in each of those areas. Following good nutrition means having a healthy body. Creating a budget and a financial plan will allow you live more freely. Understanding intention in they gym in your movements will allow you to be better overall and eventually compete on a higher level!


“You will not reach your goals by accident. Achieving what you want will take vision and intentional action over time.” – Dave Ramsey

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