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I haven’t really given any updates on my training lately, so I figured I would give you all a quick glimpse. Its been about 9 months probably since the last time I was doing triphasic. In between that time I’ve pretty much been running 5 3 1, which as I have mentioned before, I’m pretty fond of. Now, I don’t always know whats going on in our coach David Allen’s head, or exactly how he does all of his programming for us, but I think he has changed things up just a bit from how he usually does things. I think all in all, he’s probably just trying to kill us. However, I’m sure if I survive, Ill be stronger, This is our second week in preparation for our next meet in September, which is approaching rapidly! Here are some short clis from this past weeks training. Both squat and bench are at 55% with bands, 6 sets of 3 with a 4 second negative. Been a while since I’ve used bands. I hope you enjoy, and I will try to keep some things coming out here and there as we get closer and closer to competition time.



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