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Back Problems? No Problem!

The most frequently asked question asked of me is, “What exercises do you recommend for back pain/problems?” There is no one answer to that question. Why is that? It is primarily due to the fact I like to screen the client to see where the pain is actual coming from or what is actually causing the back pain in the first place, before programming exercise for a client. However, I do not always get the privilege of screening every person that asks the question. In that case, I inform them about the four exercises I know that do help eliminate back pain. These 4 exercises focus on loosening and activating the hip flexors, glutes and adductors. It is important to remember to keep a neutral posture and activated core throughout all of these exercises and stretches. I normally program these exercises into the beginning of my clients’ programs and incorporate them in the warm-up.

The first exercise is something I call the Hip Flexor Stretch. This stretch targets the hip flexors, which the majority of the time is the main cause of back pain.

The second exercise is something I like to call the Hip Matrix. It is very similar to the first Hip Flexor Stretch, however this exercise incorporates targeting the hip flexor through greater ranges of movement.

The third exercise is something I like too call the Adductor Flow. This exercise targets the adductors throughout the range of motion, while keeping a neutral and activated core.

The fourth exercise is the 90/90 stretch, which works both the internal and external range of motion. This exercise also helps in glute activation and control.

Try these four exercises in order for 2 sets x 6 reps and make back pain a thing of the past! Let me know what you think!

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