From Attendee to Athlete / Coach

Many of you know me from NBS as a powerlifter, some may even know me as a strength coach / personal trainer. Either way is fine by me, what I hope people know most is that I have a passion to help. I say this all the time but never get sick of saying it, “I was raised in the industry” under then best values possible” and for that I am forever thankful. I was poured into by mentors and individuals I reached out to that were also raised in the industry the right way. This is becoming extinct in the fitness industry where money and spotlight will keep uniformed exercise enthusiasts in the dark and susceptible to injury or worse, to leave exercise completely, which for some could be fatal!




This past weekend I migrated back up to EliteFTS for the second time this month. It was not for me, it was not for my lifting, it was for people who were like me starting in this industry seeking knowledge guidance and advice, these things are what keep me in love with my career. This trip was different though, the location was the same, the EliteFTS Team was mostly the same, the principle of our meeting were the same but this is the first time I would be traveling up to a sponsored even as a team member of EliteFTS. This meant I was in a position to return what has been given to me when I was brought into this industry. I came to these events seeking information from team members and now it was my turn to step up to the plate and return the favor to everyone and I was ready!



My journey to this point has been fairly short in the grand scheme of things “strength” related. I would not be in this position if it were not for a handful of people that gave me endless support and a facility that at the time developed me in my ways which I will never forget. I recently have allowed competing to push my coach mentality aside and this is a balancing act I am working on. I will say after this past weekend I have a new fire lite to come full circle and have the coach take center stage again. I urge you to seek out information and ask, we have a gifted group of people here at our facility that I cannot speak more highly of and I promise it will take your experience in strength sports to a whole new level!



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