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Annie 07/05/14 Event training
Alright…today was my first day training events. Jesus pete this stuff takes forever! Luckily most of my favorite gym friends were doing rad shit when I got there and it pumped me up for the day. Anyway..I did the following

Axle Clean and Press (worked up to 125, comp weight)
Yoke Walk (worked up to 385)
Farmers Walk (@150 per hand)
Tire flips (pretty light tire @300)

I hadnt worked with an axle in too long. That will for sure be an adjustment. The strength is there to move it around, but I found myself today with it getting a hair in front of me if I wasnt 100% focused.

Yoke walk: Ha..simply put,I have get stronger with this. I also need to regulate my breathing somehow.  Also, something that got me as a runner and now is getting me on moving events is my tendency for my foot stroke to cross over one another. Absolutely the worst for stability so I will have to work on this.

Farmers walk: not bad!

Tire flips: a little light for me to really identify what I need work on in the moment. This is where video footage is pretty important.

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