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Annie 07/02/14 Bro activities and a rant about pullups

photoToday was a day that I kinda BRO-ed out and did a lot of little things that I think help but often get left out before the big lifts take so much outa me.  No video, because this was pretty lame-sauce.  Still a fun day.

A1)5×10 Wide grip Pullups:  this is something I do to make sure im not getting too fat.  I don’t care a whole lot about how much I weigh, but if I cant knock out 10 WG pullups with full extension at the bottom and chest to bar at top, Im too damn fat.  Today they actually felt pretty good.  I encourage adopting some sorta pull up standard.  Its normal to gain some LBs after a show, but jesus Christ practice some self discipline.  And while Im ranting on this, I really mean full range of motion.  I don’t care if I sound like a prick here, the next time I see someone doing weighted pullups on the top half of the movement, or unweighted even, im going to puke.  I guess the same goes for the baby motion that’s the bottom of the pull up only.  /rant (sorry I had to get that off my chest)

B1) 5×15 weighted pushups (45lb plate)
B2) 5×10 neutral grip rows with a pause at the chest
B3)Front Plate raises (45lb plate) 5×12

C1)  DB pullovers 4×12
C2) Cable machine rear delt flys 4×30

D1)  Tricep pushups
D2) Lean away laterals 4×20

E1) Tricep dips 4×20 (holy volume!)
E2) Curls for da girls 4×20

Oh! So I really tracked my macros the last two days here..i had been eye balling it.  Looks like right now im right at
Fat: 60g
Carb: 360g
Right around 2600 calories a day.  Up 6lbs from stage weight and kinda holdin there the last few days (a few days ago I ate Mexican food and ice cream so I had an additional two pounds clinging on that day)

Another thing I think maybe I’ll hammer on: Has everyone heard “you aren’t going to gain bodyfat from one cheat meal”?  Can we go ahead and all agree that’s bogus?

Okay, I’ll quit being a brat now. 🙂

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