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Annie 07/01/14 A bad squat day

Okkkaaaaay….so about today.  I was kind of all outta whack.  The saga with my lost car keys continues as I find out it will cost SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS to get a new one.  I’m willing to look a little harder before I do that.  Anyway, I got to the gym pretty late and was a little mentally checked out.  I somehow didn’t notice that I grabbed the Mastodon bar.  How did I overlook that and not feel it? No idea.  I just assumed that everything was a little harder because I was having a crap day.  So my lifts are all 15lbs heavier than what I thought I was doing.  And as normal, I goodmorning-ed these.  Not too sure if I should really worry about it.  probably, though.

Warm up: Defrancos Agile 8/ some squatsies/lunges

Working Squat sets: 210×5/240×3/250×2<—these were slow as christmas.

Volume work: worked up to 225 for 5×10

SSB good mornings / GHD

—Ice cream sammich—



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