Annie 06/26/14 Bench

Kind of a short one…Didnt have a ton of time today.

Bench: worked up to 135 for my set of 5+, got 10.  Then did 135x4x2.  During this set, I destroyed a set of wrist wraps, which im counting into my work load.

rep work: 115×8/105×8/95x5x10

Band pull aparts/Dips


I am absolutely the worlds worst bench presser.  I have primate-like arms.  Long and worthless.  Christian and someone else were talking about bench set up, so today I tried squeezing the bench with my really did keep my butt down.  I will be working on this over time.  I think the best thing I can do for my bench at this point is to just spend more time with it.  Thus, my accessory work will be a lot of lighter bench press where I focus on the little things I tend to neglect…primarily, lat tension and foot drive.


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