Annie 06/10/14 Looks like eerbody de-loading

1.5 days until prejudging!  Jr. Nats is a two day event, unlike most shows that run AM and PM.  So, the pros: I get a little recovery time to relax between showing.  cons: I have to try and peak twice.  Oh well.  Today was another depletion workout.  The goal here is to just move, pretty much and use up some glycogen.  Im still pretty full and watery from my refeed, but thats expected and welcomed.  Anyway, FAT GIRL hit the gym!  Looked a little somethin’ somethin’ like this:

A1) Incline press 3×15

A2) Dips 3×20, squeeze at top, no lockout

A3)  HLR 3×20

B1) Lat Pull downs 3×15, hard squeeze at bottom

B2) KB rear delt swings 3xfailure

B3) Plank x1 minute

C1) Seated Cable Rows 3×15

C2) Tricep Pull downs 3×20

C3) Pushups 3xfailure

ended with 10 rounds of battle rope slams, 15 seconds on/45 seconds off.


Note: as my legs tend to get pretty watery after i trash them, I am leaving them alone until monday.  Monday I will do some cool stuff!

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