Achieving Your Goals Doesn’t Happen Overnight

In episode 38, Edna Tucker talks about her dedication and perseverance that got her to lose over 100 pounds and learn to take control of her health.

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Episode 45: Travel Tips with Wes Carter

In Episode 45, Wes Carter joins David on the podcast to talk and share how he prioritizes training and nutrition while traveling.  
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Episode 44: Training and nutrition while traveling with Jeff Smith

In this episode, David discusses training and nutrition while traveling with guest Jeff Smith.  
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Importance of Hydration During Travel

Whether you choose plane, boat, car, or train, hydration is the key to healthy traveling!  Hydration is specifically important to travel for many reasons: digestion, immunity, recovery, and sleep. First, we need to recognize how all types of travel dehydrate the body. This is caused by many factors from lack of bathroom availability on a...
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Kill the Lies

Our theme as a company for this year is to kill the lies, specifically the lies that are keeping you from being healthy and fit. Most of these lies are lies we tell ourselves that are amplified by society as a whole and the fitness industry at large. So, in typical NBS Fitness fashion, we...
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Episode 43: Pregnancy and Postpartum with Jennifer Allen and Kaki Carter

In this episode, we have a conversation with Jennifer Allen and Kaki Carter about training during pregnancy and the return postpartum. Jennifer is a mom of three littles, ages 3, 2, and 10 months and Kaki is a mom of a 7-month-old. Jennifer and Kaki share what it’s like physically, mentally, and emotionally to train...
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