NBS Fitness was built off of one simple idea: create a training facility that has top notch equipment, an awesome atmosphere, the best trainers in the area, and gets the best results possible. While the commercial fitness industry continues to provide a diluted version of fitness to the American public, NBS Fitness stands in opposition to current fads and trends and sets the standards for what true fitness really is. We make sure we have top of the line equipment from some of the best companies in the industries including EliteFTS, Hammer Strength, Texas Power Systems, and Troy.

We recognize the importance of community to achieving your fitness goals which is why the members and staff at NBS strive to create an atmosphere that is highly conducive to results. The music is cranked up, people are training hard, and we’re one big family that supports each other. Our trainers have college degrees, top level certifications, are competitive athletes and have been through our extensive trainer development system. We don’t just hire trainers who like to workout, we hire trainers who are passionate about helping people and being the best in the business. If you’re serious about training, serious about getting awesome results, and want to see what fitness without all the bull shit is really like, come check us out.

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