NBS Fitness offers memberships to anyone interested in training at the most badass gym in the Mid-South. With 24-hour access you can get after it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (even on holidays).

We take pride in having the best equipment available to our members with a full powerlifting setup, a full strongman setup, and a full olympic lifting setups with plenty of machines and free weights for bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors, and general fitness clients as well. Our equipment comes from top of the line companies like EliteFTS, Legend, and Hammer Strength.

The environment at NBS Fitness is unlike any other facility around. We like to put our members in an environment that is highly conducive to results. We play hard rock, metal, and rap over our top of the line sound system and keep the environment competitive and friendly at the same time. At no other gym will you find a more diverse and encouraging group of members.

The knowledge at NBS Fitness is unmatched. All of our trainers are highly educated and competitive athletes and our gym is full of dedicated individuals who are constantly educating themselves. If you are looking to learn more, this is the gym you need to be at.

We keep our memberships simple and give you two options: a yearly membership at a discounted rate and a month to month option with no long term obligation.

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