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Lunch-N-Learns are one of the most popular first steps in workplace wellness. NBS Fitness is unique in it’s straight forward approach to education your community on common pitfalls and misunderstandings in the quest for health. With proper information, we are able to create realistic plans of action based on what we know works. Topics available upon request.

Accountability Check Ins

Want to ensure that your employees are making progress? NBS Fitness staff will com on site monthly or bimonthly and check your employees biometrics to ensure they are moving in the right direction. This often includes body weight, body fat, taping, and BMI measurement. Once the check in is complete, we will not the amount of change for each person as well as within the entire workplace. This is a perfect accompaniment for office-wide challenges, Lunch-N-Learn topic retentions, or even on their own with goals setting sessions.

Corporate Bootcamps

The most effective wellness initiative in America, NBS offers results-driven bootcamps at NBS Fitness or on site at your facility. Memphis’ BEST personal trainers will meet with your employees in groups and take them through customized fitness programming for six weeks. Your workplace will not only partake in a rigorous exercise regiment but will be educated on strategies to make long term changes in habits and nutrition for true success. Also included in this package is the aforementioned accountability check ins. Out trainers will take beginning and ending measurements, give nutritional challenges and guidelines, and establish goals. This is the most complete measure of health management and statistically one of the most effective ways to reduce health care costs, sick days, and increase productivity.

Online Nutritional/Exercise Support

For those looking to really grab a handle on their nutrition and/or training,online support is a great option. All exercise programs are specific to individual goals and place focus on getting the most out of your employees gym time. Nutritional programming is also customized to each individual and allows each person to get a grasp on their eating habits as well as develop strategies for long term health.


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