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Exchanging Coffee For Squats

I want that gym membership

How can you afford that gym membership?

I found that when I first started on my fitness journey the prices of gym memberships were a little intimidating.  Family budgets can be tight and especially for me with three boys. I found myself determined to find a way to make this happen as I knew postponing it would never set me on a pace to reach my goal.  My goal was to get in better shape and healthier from the inside out.  I have suffered for years from endometriosis which affects 1 in 10 women.  That is approximately 176 million women in the world according to, a global forum for news and information.

dsc_0342Some of the expenses that I personally went over were the amount of money certain medicines cost to maintain my “health” at the time, the amount of money I was spending at Starbucks and my lunch dates with friend
s throughout the week.  Did I enjoy my hot cup of Starbucks coffee after my third drop off in the mornings at my children’s schools? YES!!  Did I enjoy meeting my favorite people weekly to catch up and delight in the all amazing sushi conveyer belt? YES! I enjoyed these luxuries but I was not enjoying my health and saw I could actually swap those expenses for that gym membership I had been craving.  So I decided to shop around, do my research and find the best place to start.  I exchanged those expenses that I thought were little but sure added up, and applied that money into hiring the best personal trainer and gym around the Memphis area.  I eventually was healthy enough that I no longer needed all of those doctor appointments and medicines.  I was also able to hire a nutrition coach.  That took my game to a whole new level!

Find out what are you are spending all of your extra money on and apply that into something that will not fade but last hopefully a long and prosperous lifetime.


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