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Car Deadlifts on Beale Street!

The NBS Strong man contest was taking place down on Beale Street, this contest was closed out with a car deadlift competition. There was one weight that would be used and everyone had one minute to rep the car as many times as possible. Now, I am very competitive, so this turned from a fun good time to wanting to win (prize was $100 bucks). The crowd was very alive and in the middle of an iconic street, I had a ton of people expecting me to win so the pressure was on. The bar was set high by a 275+ guy that ripped out 36 which was nothing to shake a stick at. I walked up to the bar and our gym manager, Annie Gunshow got the crowd going, I started ripping up and dropping down this car. I managed roughly 20 reps without stopping for a breath and start slowing down there. I found out in this competition that I cannot count to save my life, you will see me drop the car and unstrap in the video (at this point I thought I had won). Unfortunately, I was four rep’s off from winning, once my brain finally comprehended people telling me I had four left I went to wrap back up to finish but my time expired before finishing it out, I ended up getting 33 reps coming in second.


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    1. Eric Pace

      Bring a tundra. Most reps in 30 seconds. Since I won last time, he goes first. And a stop watch everyone can see on a projector. Don’t have to be money, just pride. But a few hundo would be nice.

      1. Christian Anto

        I appreciate the offer Eric, I strictly did this for fun with no hurt feelings, just giving an update of my experience.

        1. Eric Pace

          Of course man, its all in fun. You are a strong dude, and I am not taking anything away from you. It would be cool to have fun with these comps and make it a single event. I even mentioned to David about have a one rep max comp, stacking plates in the trunk or bed of a truck. Make it a big event, see who you could attract to compete, and make sure all the strongest guys in the area know about it. I am willing to back my truck on the jack and put plates in the bed.
          Its fun competition, and we all support each other in this sport. Although there wouldn’t be a “rivalry” because we are two WAY different weight classes, nothing is wrong with an intense competition with two (plus everybody else) of the strongest guys in the Memphis area.
          Hopefully we can make this happen. It would be a blast with the scotch and heavy metal.

          P.S. I was absolutely GASSED after that minute. I have not been that out of breath since I played football in college.

    1. Christian Anto

      It is hard to say exactly how much the car weighed on the jack. I made a generalized statement that if you can deadlift 405-455 you can AT LEAST pull this 5 times once you get the first rep out of the way.

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