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6/14/14 Events Training

So I’m about 7 weeks out from Refuge and about 12 weeks out from Tennessee’s Strongest Man at this point. Coming off a week off to try and get my fire back and catch up on life stuff. I didn’t really accomplish that, but I’m revamping my training to hear up for the last few weeks before this show. Hoping to go to 4 days per week and see what it gets me. My deadlift is on the cusp of a huge breakthrough I think, and my moving events are improving.

I’m hoping the addition of the box jumps and later some agility work will help with event transitions and allow me to bring my best package to the show. Then, it’s just time to compete.

Here’s what went down today.

Box Jumps

48″ x4x3

Keg/Farmers/Duck Walk Medley

220/200/210 x32 seconds

220/220/300 x35 seconds. Too slow on transitions here. :-/

Axle Deadlift



A good amount of work without completely destroying myself today. Back on Monday to finish this prep with earnest.

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