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6 Week Mobility Class: Thursday Nights at 7pm, Starting 1/30/2019

Do your joints ache? Are your muscles feeling tight? Do you feel like you can’t move as freely as you’d like? Our mobility class will guide you over 6 weeks to better movement and less pain. Our coaches just finished a functional movement clinic hosted by Rock Tape, the #1 brand in movement and tissue correction. They’ll be bringing their extensive knowledge and experience as well as their new tips and tricks they learned to help you move better better and feel better.

This class will include practical mobility drills specific to the movement patterns necessary in Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and CrossFit.

We will be using RockTape implements and various tools for self myofascial release, as well as performing long holds designed to increase range of motion.

Participants should expect to walk away with knowledge and tools that they can take with them in their warmups, cooldowns, and recovery from training.

Only thing I would recommend is a yoga mat or something similar.
We have plenty of foam rollers and lacrosse balls, but you can bring your own if you’d like.
We will have different stations set up for each class if equipment is limited.

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  • 6 Week Mobility Class
  • Thursday nights at 7pm
  • Starts January 30th
  • At NBS Fitness, in the CrossFit Building out back
  • Cost: Just $99

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