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Jennifer Allen 5/8/14 Legs &Calves…. & parenting

Thursday (legs and calves)

Glute Ham Raises 8×8 (30 second break) -8lb DB

1.5 Squats heavy 6 -bar, 65,85,105,115

DB Step Ups 8×8 (30 second break) -30 lb DB

Goblet Squats 3xfailure -35 lb DB,40,40

Single Leg DB Calf Raises 10×10 (no break between legs) -30 lb DB

It was hot in the gym today, even at 6:30 am. It’s been cool so long I guess we’re just not used to it. Whole lotta sweating going on!
Having grown children has a whole new set of trials. Their issues bring a more complex set of challenges and require even more thought behind how to respond. Keeps this old girl on her toes, though!



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