4 Reasons Why you should be doing programming

In my first article, I want to talk about a couple of reasons why it is important to be on some type of program. Not everyone can get a degree in Exercise Science, spend 10 years working with clients, and building experience but you can work with someone who has done just that. Not everyone knows what they’re doing when it comes to writing a sound, structured training program, and that’s okay. I don’t know how to do trigonometry or rebuild the engine of a car. That’s why we hire someone with the knowledge and experience that can.


1.Work with someone who knows what they are doing

The best way to tell if you know if you’re working with someone who knows what they are doing, is if that person actually has real life experience with what they are coaching. Do they practice what they preach? If you are working with someone who knows what does and doesn’t work because they have tried and tested it themselves, then you have a much better chance of wasting less of your time. Working with a trainer or coach who knows what they are doing will not only help you reach your goals but it should help you do it in the safest, most efficient way possible.

2.It will make you step outside of your comfort zone

Since coming to NBS Fitness I have learned that stepping outside of your comfort zone is vitally important to your success. It is when you step outside of your comfort zone that you truly start to become something else, something that you may not of expected you could ever become. When you work with someone else, whether that be with personal training or online training, that person is typically going to have you do things that you wouldn’t normally choose to do on your own. All trainers have a different approach to things and will usually have different methods of programming  but if it is a well thought out and methodical program, then there should be no question that it will help you get to where you want to be. I know from first hand experience that this has worked for me. Since I have joined NBS, I have been following a program and has helped me step outside of my comfort zone time and time again. It has help me get comfortable with being uncomfortable. This type of mentality isn’t limited to just the gym but also transfers over to other aspects of life like developing new business relationships or just meeting new people.




3.It will make you do something even if you don’t “feel” like doing it

Having a program to follow will keep your from making poor decisions and changing things up based upon how you feel on that particular day. Sometimes we need the structure of a program to keep the emotions of daily life from hindering our progress and having a negative effect on our training. Most people I know who go to the gym don’t like to think about what they are doing or what they are going to do. They’ve already been pushing themselves mentally through the day, now they just want to blow off some steam and push themselves physically. Since I have joined NBS there hasn’t been a single time that I’ve gone into the gym and I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do. Sure, there are going to be times your body is feeling a certain way and maybe you don’t “feel” like doing this or that today. Well the gym doesn’t care about your feelings, an elite total doesn’t care about your feelings, and a first place trophy doesn’t care about your feelings. Your weight loss goals doesn’t care about your feelings either. Sometimes if you want to progress, you have to do it regardless of how you feel. There are days that you go to work even though you may not”feel” like going in but you do it anyways because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t make any money. If you don’t follow and stick to program, then you have no way of measuring your progress. Your basically just pissing into the wind.



4. It’s cost effective

If personal training isn’t your thing or outside of your budget, hiring a trainer to do online programming for you is a very cost effective option. You can even combine the two to get some one on one work to guide you towards the beginning and a program to follow from there. Also, if you want to work with someone that you can’t logistically personal train with, online programming is a way for you to still work with them.

So, this is my call to action for you. Get on a program and stick with it, stay on one for as long as you can. Stop staying in your comfort zone! Find someone that will push you to do things that you never thought were possible. Stop going through the motions or doing things for likes on your Instagram and start making real progress.

If you are interested in doing online programming. I can be reached using the form on the sidebar to the right.


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