The 4 Pillars of Success and Why We Added CrossFit

I’m lucky, I have perspective. In the fitness field I’ve worn or wear many hats and that has allowed me to participate and witness many things. It has allowed me to meet and know many people. I’ve had the chance to watch people both fail and succeed, to witness people give up and persevere, and to watch people quit and persist. I’ve had the chance to analyze what different habits and characteristics separate the two groups. When it comes to fitness related progress, I have found that the pillars of success are effort, consistency, community, and knowledge. Let’s take a look at each.


It’s no surprise that a certain amount of effort is required for success in fitness. There really aren’t many situations in which a half hearted effort is going to bring great results. The good thing is that effort doesn’t have to be at an absolute 10 all the time. You don’t have to puke every time you train or skip holiday meals to follow your macros. In fact, that would have significantly negative results as you would be at a higher risk of injury and getting burned out. It needs to be high but not at an absolute max all the time, there needs to be some variation. There is an ebb and flow that allows for better consistency.


Effort is vital but without consistency it’s not worth very much. Consistency is the make or break trait that separates the people who make it from the ones who don’t and it’s something that many people struggle with. I’ve seen it happen on several occasions and for many reasons. Sometimes it’s because someone was trying to put out more effort than they were capable of maintaining and when it became too much they quit instead of scaling back. I’ve seen it happen due to injury as well. They focus on what they can’t do instead of what they can and get frustrated and quit. Unrealistic expectations can be another culprit of inconsistency. A fragile ego many times keeps people who were once good from coming back. Consistency is vital and when combined with effort will help lead to community.


Take a group of people and put them through some physical challenges together and you will inevitably see a bond between them form. This community helps to maintain the consistency and effort needed to continue to make progress. Peer pressure and support is avery powerful stimulus to get things done. Pushing yourself through physical and mental pain barriers can be extra difficult when doing it alone but with a team of people helping you the burden doesn’t seem quite as heavy. Through consistent high effort training shared with teammates knowledge begins to form.


While effort can help the speed at which you progress and consistency and community can help ensure you continue with that progress, knowledge ensures you’re traveling in the right direction down the quickest path. Aimless effort will result in frustration and will make staying consistent even tougher. Knowledge is something that must be strived for continuously. Every training session is a chance to learn something, about yourself, about your training parter, about your program, etc.  Don’t miss out on these opportunities. Always be seeking more knowledge.


When I first opened NBS, these were the principles I wanted to promote and they been a constant focus of our facility since the beginning. We’ve grown a lot, our facility has gotten bigger, our membership has grown, and our staff is more developed but we’re still doing the same thing we did when we first opened, just on a much larger scale. This is what led me to add CrossFit to the services we provide. I’ve always wanted to be a complete iron sport gym. When we first started we were primarily filled with powerlifters. Then, slowly, we added some strongman competitors, bodybuilders, and olympic lifters. The truth is that CrossFit is the most well known, most popular, and most profitable iron sport in the world. Of course with it comes plenty of controversy and justly so. CrossFit had such an explosion in growth that ithad to play a bit of catch up in defining it’s practices. Regardless how someone may feel about CrossFit as a training methodology, they have perfected the pillars of success. They promote effort and consistency, they build a community, and they encourage the constant pursuit of knowledge. And that is what NBS is all about: the intermingling of multiple training methodologies, sports, ages, races, sexes, and backgrounds to ensure progress and development. That is what makes us great and what will continue to help us be the Best Gym in Memphis.


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