September 2023
Often stress, anxiety, and depression are described as the feeling of drowning; hopelessly being pulled down into the depths of despair. Imagine drowning, being offered a supply of oxygen, and then turning it down because you’re too busy drowning. That is often how we treat exercise during these times. Exercise is vital for a healthy...
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In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Mandy Mullen. Mandy is here to share her awe-inspiring journey of conquering the 29029 Everesting challenge and the Leadville Marathon just a few weeks after. We discussed her challenges during both events and how she overcame them. Mandy shared her strategies for persevering and pushing her...
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In this episode, our host David Allen, and guest Barry Wicktom take us on a thrilling journey as they share their firsthand experience participating in this year’s Everesting challenge. Talk to Us About Your Goals: Connect with NBS Website: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram:
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