February 2021
More Than Just Recreation Personal fitness has been a matter of life and death for the entirety of human history, minus the last century or so. It determined whether or not you were able to plow the fields or hunt in order to eat, it determined whether or not you could cut down the fire...
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Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late Larry Tolbert is a financial advisor and client of NBS Fitness. He was an athlete in high school where he played tennis and raced Motocross. After college, Larry stopped being physically active and instead focused on building his career for the next 30 years. He didn’t fully understand how...
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At some point, high school athletes commit mistakes in their training and development.  Here are the 3 major mistakes high school athletes should avoid according to our coaches. David’s Perspective  Fractured Training – The biggest mistake he sees in high school athlete development is fractured training. Fractured training occurs when athletes play multiple sports without...
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The other day I asked someone why they didn’t work out and their response was “Because I have three kids.” I found that response to be interesting…and sad People often justify and explain away why they don’t exercise or eat right or any other number of activities that would at least maintain and ideally improve...
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