August 2020
The other day I was at the grocery store and noticed a pretty large number of shopping carts that had been left out in the parking lot instead of put back into the return corrals. I began to consider why people don’t put them up and how this might apply to health and fitness. I...
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During my time as a coach, I have encountered many people who have experienced a lot of knee pain while squatting. When I ask them to show me their squats, I discover multiple issues with their technique. Particularly, (but not exclusively) squatting with toes pointed forward descending straight down into the squat and knees tracking...
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Smoothies are a meal option if you need something, quick, nutritious, tasty, and balanced in macronutrients and whole food groups. Below are three simple-ingredient smoothies that can provide a well-rounded meal in drink form. Instructions are simple, just combine all ingredients and enjoy!: Green Smoothie: 1 frozen banana ½ avocado 2 handfuls spinach or kale...
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