September 2019
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Today I would like to contribute to a topic that people have been fighting about on the internet since its inception: Nutrition. Every couple of years, a fad diet will emerge with its very own rules, restrictions, and claims of being the best way for all human beings to eat and live. We’ve seen Zone,...
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This past week I saw where someone posted on a local message board on Facebook that they were looking for some help with weight loss. There were a few suggestions for trainers or local gyms, a lot of suggestions for MLM products, several medical-related suggestions (ie gastric bypass), and one guy simply said eat less...
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Can you feel it in the air yet? Fall will soon be upon us! In order to honor the season and to promote good health, here is a tasty, simple, and healthy recipe to kickstart the Fall. Ingredients:  1/3 cup old fashioned oats uncooked1 teaspoon dried chia seeddash of salt to taste1/3 cup unsweetened almond...
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