October 1, 2017
Supplements can be confusing.  Many are absolutely worth the time and effort, while others are clever marketing ploys that don’t really make much, if any, difference on your performance.   Further, of the ones that are worth while, the truth is that *situationally* they aren’t appropriate.  So how do you know what to take and when? ...
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I have been working with Justin Harris for almost a year now, and having him to keep me on track this offseason has a been huge.  When we started I was 198lbs and now I am 20lbs heavier, and I’m the leanest I have ever been at this weight and easily eating the most food...
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Last Thursday I finally met up with Steven Murphy at NBS Fitness, and we decided to get in a typical bro arm session. We had a good workout, and it is always a good time catching up with Steven and getting a training session in. Hopefully this is something we can do more regularly in...
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