August 30, 2017
What?! Seriously?! It’s already time for another face melter Bobby? Yes! Yes it is! Bringing you another smoking hot riff from yet another one of my all time favorite bands. I’ve got tons of those. Anyways, this riff of the week is brought to you by none other than the one and only Pantera. Pantera...
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Aside from working at the most kick-ass gym in the Mid-South, I have been focusing on squeezing the most out of my life. This month hosted some GREAT moments for me, and here areĀ a few highlights Reunited with my training parter: Courtney and I trained together a year or so back when we were both...
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Spoiler Alert: This article exposes some of your most common and favorite ab exercises Abdominal exercises are a key component of any good training program. Functionally, they are crucial in providing stability throughout the spine as well as connecting the upper and lower extremity during almost every exercise in the gym and during sport specific...
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