June 29, 2017
In the short time that I have been involved in strength training and powerlifting, there are many things that I’ve noticed throughout that time, and something that sticks out more than most of the atrocities that I come across. That is the act of “program hopping”. Yep, I’m talking about your friend that in one...
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As I mentioned my recent article on online training, one of the best parts about having a coach to program for you is that sometimes you get to do cool shit that you’ve never done before. Sometimes, however, this concept can backfire on you. As I am currently training hypertrophy with the goal of putting...
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Modern day society has taken out most of the hardship of previous human existence and replaced it with comfort and ease. While I definitely appreciate having a nice warm bed, air conditioning during the summer, and not having to grow, pick, or hunt everything I want to eat, I can tell that living like this...
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