May 31, 2017
We are all looking to get the best results from our training. However, are we getting the best results if we don’t really know what we need to improve? This is where a movement screening comes in handy. The results from movement screening can help you program your training to improve and restore your physical...
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This month’s exercise of the month is Landmind Squat Press. This exercise is a great total body strength exercise. I like using this exercise with my athletes for two reasons: Its easier to keep a neutral spine angle Its a great exercise for creating explosiveness Give it a try!
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Iv’e had a couple of people ask lately what we’ve been doing with out training, so I figured what better way then to show some recent videos of our transitional phase. We are now out of our gpp phase and are back on a 9 day microcycle with light, heavy, and medium days. However, we...
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As I have alluded to in previous posts, I have decided to jump into the Dexter Jackson Memphis Classic.  Its been a couple years since I have been on stage.  In fact, the last time I was on stage was actually the Dexter Jackson Memphis Classic in 2015, so it was time to come back. ...
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