May 22, 2017
While some people fear change, others welcome it. When it comes to your training, conistency is good, but variation can be great. When a person first begins training, it’s true what they say, stick to the basics. That means if you want to learn how to squat, bench, deadlift, and overhead press, then that’s what...
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Why CrossFit Kids I’ve been coaching kids for as long as I’ve been coaching adults. One of the focuses has always been teaching kids proper movement patterns that will translate when they get into upper grade level athletics and training. Another benefit to starting kids young is that it sets a precedence for them as...
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The first Tuesday of every month the staff of NBS Fitness sit down in the “Upper Room” and learn something presented by a co-worker. This past continuing education session came from “Gunshow”. For me this little lesson came a little to late as she discussed, how she structures “cardio” for athletes focusing on (in order)...
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