May 1, 2017
Life is funny, at least for me it has been. When CrossFit first came out I took the stance that most strength coaches took which was that CrossFit was an inferior training method consisting of random exercise done with poor technique at high intensity. In my defense, CrossFit was very rogue when they first came...
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Yep, that’s exactly how I feel every time we do a GPP phase. For those who aren’t familiar with this, Gpp stands for general physical preparation. This is typically something we do when we have just finished competing in a competition. Our bodies are all beat up, and our joints are achy. This is the...
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My mind is obsessed with powerlifting and every aspect that goes into it. This haunts me. It can take focus away from other areas. But it also allows me to correlate random things to explain powerlifting in a better way. I was sitting in church and we were talking about vineyards and the growth of...
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