March 26, 2017
The exercise of the month for March are squats. Why squats you may ask? Squats are a fundamental exercise that everyone needs to be doing. They help in building a strong lower body and help golfers establish a stable base in their swing. Squats target almost everything in the lower body; glutes, hamstrings, hips, knees...
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Lately, I have been asked many questions regarding certain mobility exercises and stretches. So, I decided to start a monthly mobility blog. This month’s mobility exercise is called 90/90. This exercise is great in helping to increase the internal and external rotation of the hips. It’s not the most comfortable exercise, but it’s very effective....
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A Legacy She was of sound mind and body until the last 2 weeks of her life. After a brief illness, she passed away Saturday, March 18, 2017.  My husband’s grandmother “Rene” lived to be 101 years old. Rene was the type of person everyone knew and loved. She always made a phone call to each...
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