February 1, 2017
What is the Abyss? The abyss is the dark, lonely, and isolated existence that a people find themselves in when they suddenly stop training. People stop training for many different reasons. Maybe they got injured, maybe they were a competitive athlete and they couldn’t perform as well as they used to, maybe they got burned out,...
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It’s been a month since you made your New Year’s Resolution. How are you doing with it? I hope that you’ve made it a full month. I hope that you’re holding steadfast to your resolutions and your commitment and I hope you continue to be successful every day! On the other hand, if you’re reading this and you’re...
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Are you a runner who needs help getting back up to speed? Running injuries are seen in everyone from the recreational runner to the most advanced ironman athletes. As a provider for all athletics at the University of Memphis, one of the most challenging sports to tackle is track and field. It is a well acknowledged fact that track...
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Pouring into Broken Glasses (1) Back to School An education in Exercise Sports Science is largely comprised of memorizing muscles, understanding movements, and practicing tests to apply to subjects in a lab setting. You learn the scientific theories behind testing as well as the protocols themselves, which test for specific values. Most of this information...
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