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November 30, 2016
Let’s be honest. A large percentage of our nation is either unhealthy or out of shape due to lifestyle habits. The typical American lifestyle is not conducive to anything even remotely healthy. Crappy nutrition habits, excessive and unrelieved stress, lack of exercise and sleep, a reactive outlook on health, etc. This is why it always makes me...
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I decided to start a monthly blog series on exercises that will not only improve your overall strength, but also your game. This month’s “exercise of the month” is a Farmer’s Carry. What is a Farmer’s Carry? The easiest way to explain this exercise is to pick up something heavy and walk with it. When...
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There are many training program systems for strength athletes and different theories are applied within these systems. With so much specialty equipment out there, people tend to get lost in what  to use and more importantly how to use it properly. In this installment in our “Specialty Equipment Series” we are going to look at...
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