October 19, 2016
I have had many learning experiences being raised in this industry by David Allen and many of those stuck. He also placed me in a position to flourish and be developed by other amazing coaches and athletes through EliteFTS who then took a chance on me and poured into me even more. All of these things...
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My Love For The Iron   My fondness for the iron is something I have found to be one of the most beloved things in my life besides my family.  So odd how it came to be about.  I was taking weekly yoga classes, at a local gym, and up to date on the most...
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The kipping pull up is perhaps one of the most sought after gymnastic movements in CrossFit, but can take quite some time to learn. While it may appear as though one is just swinging on the bar and pulling up, there is actually a lot of technique involved. Strength and patience are also key elements...
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