September 7, 2016
In today’s age of trigger warnings, social pressures, and fragile self esteem, people struggling to incorporate fitness into their lives have turned to a commonly used self preservation tactic known as playing the fitness victim. It is characterized by a complete lack of responsibility with a good dosing of helplessness to taste. If you or someone...
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Since I haven’t shared any of my training lately, I figured I would give an update on how our peaking is going this close to the meet. This Friday and Saturday are our last heavy lower and upper days before deloading. I hit some new numbers at the compound two weekends ago, and  I hit...
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Dumbbell side raises can be a solid exercise for shoulder development when done correctly. When done incorrectly, they can be ineffective and potentially dangerous. Check this video on some of the common mistake people make when doing dumbbell side raises.
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