August 31, 2016
A month ago, I attended the Reflexive Performance Reset™ (RPR™) seminar at The Spot Athletics Columbus, OH. If you didn’t read about my expectations and review on RPR’s benefits, feel free to do so. Since returning, we’ve hit the ground running with some of our more difficult cases at NBS Fitness. Over the last month we have seen nothing short of awesome results...
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1. Settling into the 148 Class: For the past year or so, my secondary personal priority has been to slowly recomp into a favorable body composition without loss of strength.  I have been giving myself nearly a year to accomplish this because I wanted to really establish long term habits that resemble a lifestyle I can...
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This month we celebrate the recent success of Garrett Blatnik.  Garrett set two new squat PR’s this month while training at the EliteFTS Compound.  The first personal best was a 560 pound squat in sleeves followed by a new wrapped PR of 600 pounds.  The awesome thing about this is that there is more left...
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Thought I would share a couple of more soothing metal melodies that I’ve been listening to lately. I’ve Still been on a big Lamb of God kick lately, I’m sure that has to do a lot with David’s influence. Here’s a live track from their live album titled Killadelphia. I’m gonna share another Lamb song...
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