May 24, 2016
From time to time I’ll think back to when I first started training. Pretty much my entire youth, especially when I hit puberty and grew in height far faster than I did in width, people would make comments about how skinny I was. Like many teenagers awkwardly moving throughout their pubescence, I was trying to...
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I go out of town to visit family in Alabama often and over time I’ve had to learn how to adapt to training in other gyms. I am spoiled at NBS and when it comes to the equipment and training atmosphere, I have yet to train in a gym that compares. So, when I go...
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Hannah has been a client of mine for 2 meet cycles prior to this one (almost a year). She too is in school and has the challenge of making it all work and come together on meet day. This meet was a bit of a surprise for us both as we originally were just going...
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