May 19, 2016
I was talking with a member today who was curious about competing in powerlifting for the first time and what some solid numbers for him to put up would be. The conversation contained some good tidbits that I think many of you may find helpful and/or humorous. -There are standards that exist in all areas...
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Marc came to me very close to competition time asking for programming. Although this is not the most ideal scenario we still made it work. He has an athletic background as a competitive hockey player which aided him in self motivation and having a competitive mindset. We did not have much time to build strength...
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If there is anyone out there following along with my posts, then you know that I just recently competed in the RPS King of Spring meet here at NBS Fitness. What some of you may not have known is that I had two clients that were also competing in the competition, as well as my...
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