May 18, 2016
Dealing With Disappointment On April 30th I took to the platform to put my hard work on display for everyone at the King of The Spring Meet at NBS Fitness.  This was my second powerlifting meet and I was nervous as this was the first competition that my family would be able to see me...
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Christian hired me to work with him on nutrition to cut down to the 181 class for the XPC at the Arnold. When Christian first came to me, he was weight between 195 and 200. He was eating around 5-6 meals a days with protein around 50g per meal, fats around 15-20 grams per meal,...
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Plantar fasciitis is a common condition of the bottom or plantar surface of the foot in which primarily the plantar fascia, a supportive structure in proper foot biomechanics, is irritated and stressed to the point that it becomes painful. In many cases, the pain can be severe enough to alter or even disallow walking.  ...
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