May 12, 2016
Taking a week off from training and coming back to a new program has caused me some serious soreness this week. Some people think they should take off from exercise when they are extremely sore but that only makes it worse! The only reason I’m able to walk is because I’ve forced myself to move...
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The last couple weeks have been a wild ride to say the least. Within a 4 day period we somehow managed to host a 60 person powerlifting meet with around 150 spectators and move an entire facility worth of equipment, office materials, random artifacts, and a plethora of junk across a parking lot while setting...
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I am writing this article in an attempt to help anyone out that may not be at the time paying a professional to write out a structured program for them to follow.  Since being at NBS and working under the wing of our owner David Allen, I have learned a couple of things about programming...
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