April 7, 2016
     By most standards, 2015 was a losing year for me: I bombed out of a powerlifting meet for the first time in April.  I re-focused and set my sights on Strongman Nationals.  Despite months of preparation, I walked out with a disappointing third place.  I immediately switched gears and spent 15 weeks meticulously...
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Ok so as this video states, I have been asked a lot recently to handle lifters and wrap knees lately. Apparently a select few coaches and members have acquired a reputation for wrapping knees well, unfortunately, these people are either running the meet or already have committed to wrapping several competitors. I made this video...
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So I kicked off this new installment of, member mashup, with this brave teammate who decided to stat training with me. I dropped the interview on him directly after our last set (which was brutal). I introduce to you, Aaron Fleming:  
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