March 2015
After coming back from Elite I am feeling really strong and good about how training has been going. This is the last week of this Block and I am being smart and going to attempt to move everything efficiently on moderate days and smash weight on heavy days. Buffalo or Cambered Bar Squats 5×1@ 535...
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SS Yoke box squats +chains: 3×2@ 500 + 120 in chain (reps 1-2 decent 3 was terrible) SS Yoke (no Buffalo) Bar Good mornings out of chains: 3×2@ 315 w belt Str8 Leg Deadlifts: 3×10@ 315 (rough) Short Bar RB 45 Hyp 1×15@ 35 (skip other sets, “Spot” was closing) Landmines: 3×10@ 25 Kneeling Band...
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We and David rolled up to Ohio for the EliteFTS Sports Summit Presentations. There was an overload of knowledge to say the least, presentations started a little after 8 (and other than lunch and a few 10 min breaks) through 7pm. Friday night upon arrival we trained at JL’s “The Spot” Athletics and closed it...
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