Monthly Archives: March 2015

After coming back from Elite I am feeling really strong and good about how training has been going. This is the last week of this Block and I am being smart and going to attempt to move everything efficiently on moderate days and smash weight on heavy days.

Buffalo or Cambered Bar Squats 5×1@ 535
Sumo deficit deadlifts 5×2@ 545

Laying Hamstring Curls: 3xmax@ 30: 17-15-12
45 deg Hyper: 3×15 BW+ Red

Banded Pull Throughs: 3×20@ Blue Band
Glute Bridge: 3×20@ 90

SS Yoke box squats +chains: 3×2@ 500 + 120 in chain (reps 1-2 decent 3 was terrible)
SS Yoke (no Buffalo) Bar Good mornings out of chains: 3×2@ 315 w belt

Str8 Leg Deadlifts: 3×10@ 315 (rough)
Short Bar RB 45 Hyp 1×15@ 35 (skip other sets, “Spot” was closing)

Landmines: 3×10@ 25
Kneeling Band Crunches 3×15@ (skip other sets, “Spot” was closing)

We and David rolled up to Ohio for the EliteFTS Sports Summit Presentations. There was an overload of knowledge to say the least, presentations started a little after 8 (and other than lunch and a few 10 min breaks) through 7pm. Friday night upon arrival we trained at JL’s “The Spot” Athletics and closed it down. Sunday though was THE day where I was allowed to accompany David to train at THE “Compound”. I was fortunate enough to train along side Dave Tate, Buddy Morris, Joe Schillero, and of course David.
It took a few minutes to get used to the Metal Catapult and my last set ended up being the best.

Sling Shot Bench press 2×2@ 455

Cambered Bar OH Press 3×10@ 25’s
Sing. Arm Cable Lat. Raises 3×15@ 17.5 (diff. Cable setup)

Meadows Rows 3×15@ 25
Db Pull Overs 3×10@ 60
Kneeling Banded Crunches: 3×15@ grey