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February 3, 2015
Buffalo or Cambered Bar Squats 4×2 (3 second isometric) 445 Below Knee Iso Deadlift Pull 3×1 (5 second isometric) (use your comp stance) (use 80-85% of max deadlift) 525 RDL’s against rails 3×10@ 165 GHR 3×15@ BW Weighted glute bridge 3×15@ 80 KB Swings 3×15@ Green
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Had a few issues with chain length today that David straightened out for us. Benching with chains gets a little technical since we want all the chains to reload at the bottom. The day went well for me and stallion tricep pain! 3 Board Bench Press w/chains: 4×1@335+ 4 chains OH Press: 3×10@ 1×115 2×135...
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