November 4, 2014
So this past Saturday 11-1-14 I came down with a crazy cold that resided in my respiratory system. I could not breath very well and I had a deep painful cough with a ton of crap coming up. Well after a 13hr sleep party Saturday night and a 10hr sleep party Sunday night Monday rolled...
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Programming by Shelby Starnes 11-3-14 Legs Standing calf raises 5×10+5 partials, 30 sec e the break (190) Standing calf raises 3×10, real controlled (110) Seated Cable Leg Curls 3×15,12,9 1×6 w/30 partials (increase weight each set) (50,60,70,80,90) Yoke Bar Squat 3×12, just above parallel (255) Leg Press 4×40,30,20,10 (increase weight each set) (3,4.25,6,7.25) Leg Extension...
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