October 2014
So today was a great training session. The last month my triceps have been causing me excruciating pain. I have not benched well or anything heavy the last few weeks because of this. This exact same issue haunted me till the last few weeks of training before nationals. Well, here we are again a few...
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My triceps are still hurting but I was able to follow today’s programming when I called for dynamic benchpress however I did not make it as fast as a typical speech session. I was not impressed overall in my performance to squat today. For some reason I could not focus on on my cues properly...
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So after months of training feeling great my tricep injury reappeared very quickly and I have been unable to bench heavy for going on two weeks. My squat and dead lift however are progressing quite nicely. This is the last week of our training prior to getting in the wraps in doing more sport specific...
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This is one of the few training days I am able to partake in due to the return of my tricep issue (we assume shoulder impingement and bicep garbage). It ended up being a great training day with teammate Porter and Jim helping me. My triceps started giving me problems Mid way through squats but...
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