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August 17, 2014
A1: 2 sec Pause Bench, 6×4 (315) A2: Speed Bench 52.5% w/bands x2 (205+doubled minis) B1: Elbows Out Extensions oscillatory disadvantage 4×4×2 (30) B1: Standing elbows out explosive elbow band extensions 4×8 (monster) C1: Paused Chest supported rows 3×8 C2: External band isometric hold 7 sec x3 (mini) D1: 7 sec concentric straight bar pullovers...
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Box Squats 52.5%(450)+average band 10×1 Deadlifts 52.5%(405)+light bands 8×1 Power Goodmornings 6×4 200 Reverse Hypers 4×8 2 plates each side Grippers max reps Left 250×0 200×4 150×13 Right 250×0 200×5 150×18 On August 9, 2014 / David’s Training Log / Leave a comment
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Confession:  today, three weeks out from Memphis Strongest Man, I did a crossfit competition. I realize how potentially this was not a good idea.  In fact, in light of some weird numbness in my hands, I was fairly certain I wasnt going to do it.  I was going to go, spectate, explain my stance and let...
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