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August 2, 2014
Thursday, July 31 Glute Ham Raises 3×1 min- Big struggle! Maybe use band next time Step Ups 3×10- w/ barbell – 60 backed down to 55, unstab 45 Degree Hypers with barbell 3×12 -45 bar Seated Band Abductions 100 total -pink band Single Leg Glute Bridge w/5 sec hold 3×10 Planks 10 sec until fail...
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Squats 8×2 @60%+chains (510+80 chains) Deadlifts 6×1 @60%+chains (405+60 chains) Reverse Hypers 3×15 (180) TyPlate Pinch Holds 15 sec on 15 sec of max sets (left hand failed on set 7, right hand failed on set 9)
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