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July 25, 2014
I recently saw where someone made a Facebook post asking what the point of having a strong deadlift was if you can’t run a mile and what was the purpose of being able to run, bike, and swim fast if you weren’t strong. Well, let me answer that question…Winning! The point is to win! I...
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ME Bench x1 w/chains 45 95 135 185 225 275 315 Sling shot 365 +40 +80 +100 +120 miss Close Grip Bench 60 Reps (185×24,44,60) Single Arm Overhead Grenade Ball Extensions 3×12 (60) JM Press 6×6 (105) EZ Bar Reverse Pressdowns 3×15 (90) Laying Side DB External Rotations 3×10 (10)
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About a week and a half out from meet time now. They’ve combined the. 200 and 231 classes so now I’ll have the opportunity to go up against some heavy hitters. I’m going to have to be on point in all moving events to make a difference here. If I can avoid losing ground on...
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