July 10, 2014
Jennifer competed in her first figure competition this past June. I sat her down for interview to check out what she thought about the whole process. Take a listen to what she had to say…  
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I would like to take a moment and put some data into perspective for the 3 people that follow my logs. When I started training out of NBS fitness I was ignorant to the fitness industry. After roughly 8 months of training I decided to attempt my first competition. David dieted me down from 190lbs...
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Second time in the shirt this cycle. Really happy with today’s progress. I had a bit more in me but was tired from all the sets, plus had some sinus shit going on that made me keep gagging while trying to bench. Game plan was 550 at the meet but now I’m thinking I will...
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BENCH DAY!!!! worked up to an opener and figured out how to keep my butt on the bench 😉 Bench: 275 – 315 – 340 Paused Bench (2 count) 2×4: 300lbs
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